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One common question I get is "how is sex therapy different from couples therapy, isn't sex just another issue in the relationship?". Sometimes in a relationship sex suffers as a result of poor relationship health. There are issues with the 4 C's - communication, connection, conflict and commitment. But what happens if you do communicate effectively, you do feel emotionally connected, there is no lingering conflict, and there is a deep sense of commitment but, the desire for sex is all but gone? Sex therapy is for those couples. Here, the central focus is on topics such as  pleasure, arousal, desire, eroticism, and intimacy. 

Issues and concerns that I have experience with include:

  • Desire discrepancy 

  • Enhancing sexual intimacy 

  • Sexual shame/negativity 

  • Sex after traumatic experiences

  • Sex in Mature Couples

  • Sexual performance and frequency of sex

  • Pornography use

It is important to note that sex therapy involves no physical contact or sexual activity while in session. Like all the other forms of services of psychotherapy - it is solely talk. 

Sessions are 60 minutes long.

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