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There are many reasons why you may speak to a psychotherapist individually. Depression/Anxiety, Relationship Conflict, Stress, Grief/Loss, Addictions - you've seen this list and this list can go on forever. In my experience, however, you speak to a psychotherapist individually because you would like to understand something and/or explore the possibility of changing that something.

1. Understanding Something


Sometimes you may speak to a psychotherapist individually because you want to carve out space and time that is just for you. To talk, to process, to relate, and to get insight on a particular issue or concern. Maybe you've dealt with pain in the past or maybe you're dealing with pain right now. Whatever the case maybe it seems messy, confusing, challenging and you just want to understand what it means, you want to figure out what is going on?


2. Changing Something


Other times you may speak to a psychotherapist individually because you would like to change something about yourself. Maybe after repeatedly trying on your own, you keep getting stuck and you don't know why. Or maybe you do know why but you have feelings of hopelessness or helplessness that it could actually ever change. Perhaps something is getting in the way of change - an expectation of a parent, a romantic partner, or just a belief you hold for yourself. It could be anything, and I think you deserve to know, you deserve to explore and imagine something different for yourself. 

With the right questions and a safe non-judgmental setting, I believe you can explore, understand, and change whatever your something is. 

Sessions are 60-minutes long.

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