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The process of family therapy can seem messy and confusing. A lot of questions may arise of "how exactly does this work?". I believe that metaphors help illustrate complex ideas much better than any other form of explanation. The metaphor I draw from is that family therapy is like me being a visitor/a guest in your home. You invite me in, you give me a tour of your home. You show me where everything is and I ask why it's there and not there. These questions allow you to imagine a different way. I say to you let's pick that up and move it here. We move it around, we reshuffle, we re-organize. That is the process of family therapy. Family therapy is about re-organizing, re-negotiating the terms, the roles, and the responsibilities. It is about re-structuring the boundaries, identifying patterns and exploring the function of those patterns in the context of the family. 

Issues and concerns that I have experience with include:

  • Family conflict - including parent-child conflict (please note I only see clients that are 16+)

  • Step-families

  • Communication problems within the family

  • Joint family dynamics

  • Addictions

  • Redefining boundaries and expectations

  • Cultural differences

Sessions are 60 minutes long.​

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