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My Approach

I jokingly tell people that I am in the business of not being in a business. A successful outcome for me is when you feel reconnected to your relationship with yourself and with others, you have a renewed sense of hope, and you feel resilient enough to be able to handle challenges, issues, or concerns on your own.


I have been told that I have a calming presence. I strive to be compassionate and caring, flexible and pragmatic, composed and direct, and hope that therapy can feel like a tailor-made process for you. I believe that the therapeutic relationship is central to psychotherapy, and will work hard to maintain that alliance between me and you. 

My therapeutic orientation is dialogic/collaborative, solution-focused, narrative, and emotion-focused. I operate predominantly from a family therapy lens. What this means is that a session with me will feel like a conversation where you are the expert of your own life experiences. I will be asking a lot of questions and will be paying particular attention to the recurring themes and patterns that exist, exploring with you why things are the way they are, and where they come from. Then, I would like to know what your expectations are, what do you want to do with the information that we've unpacked, what is your goal. Then we will work together to try and reach that goal. In my experience it usually takes anywhere from 4-7 sessions to address a particular issue/concern and reach that goal. I usually like to meet weekly or once every other week at first, and then transition to monthly and then on a as-per-needed basis. My hope is that the tools that you gather from our conversations, role-plays, enactments, and practice exercises can allow you to feel confident and comfortable on your own. I believe once you know the fundamentals, all problems begin to look the same.


The first couple of sessions will have a bit of a structure as we try to establish safety, context, and a sense of direction for our conversations. The information that you provide can allow me to form my own potential hypotheses and strategies that I will bring to you to reject or accept. Once we are all on the same page, our work can begin with you in charge and me leading from behind. 

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